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Business owners want people just like you who are graduates of the Bookkeeping Institute of Australia.   We have developed our courses to suit your lifestyle and written the first ever Australian textbook on Starting Your Own Bookkeeping Business for Australian conditions.

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Bookkeeping course, Dual Certificate 

From Cert III to Cert IV
Starter package

instalment plans available
  • 12 months enrolment
  • Study Guides and other resources
  • MYOB student edition.  Acounts payable, receivable, bank recs, petty cash,  rules relating to debits and credits, an understanding of balance sheet items and income statements.
  • Telephone and email support
  • Open Book assessments
  • 30 days membership Bookkeepers Hub

Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business 

Premium  package

instalment plans available
  • 12 months enrolment
  • Certificate III in Accounts Administration + Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (dual certificate)
  • Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business textbook, workbook and E-Book, written by our own CEO, Debra Lewis.  
  • The power of being in the business as a contract bookkeeper means you have the unique ability to eliminate the gap between yourself and your customer by offering a more personalised service.

Diploma in  Accounting

Further your career

Instalment plans available
  • 18 months enrolment
  • Printed or electronic assessments option
  • 30 days membership Bookkeepers Hub
  • Telephone and email support
  • This course is designed to give you the practical skills required to succeed in a career in accounting and/or finance. Learn from industry experts, receive constant support and develop the the management reporting skills required to achieve your career goals.
  • Call to discuss entry requirements.

Graduates Success Stories

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Since graduating with the dual certificate I secured a dream role as an assistant accountant with a CPA preparing BAS returns for clients, budgeting, processing payroll and general bookkeeping duties.  I’m now completing my Diploma of Accounting with the Bookkeeping Institute of Australia.  It was easy to obtain support when needed and I was able to go into their training rooms for one to one support.  


Finance officer

After completing my studies with Bookkeeping Institute of Australia I secured a position that suits my lifestyle, working part-time as a Bookkeeper and I'm working up my hours to obtain BAS Agent registration, whilst completing further studies.  The Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business program and the mentoring program assisted me to develop my unique talents .  I’m really grateful to Bookkeeping Institute of Australia as they opened my eyes about what you need to do in order to succeed in the accounting industry. The support was second to none.

Kerry  Hargreaves

Business Owner

I have over 15 years in Bookkeeping and assisting businesses with their finances.  I obtained my Certificate IV in Bookkeeping through Bookkeeping Institute of Australia and obtained my BAS Agent registration not long after graduating.  The Start Your Own Bookkeeping Program helped me develop my own Bookkeeping business assisting many clients in their BAS, Payroll and management accounting needs.  It’s important to have positive equity and make a profit!  Thank you to Bookkeeping Institute - they provided great support during and after my graduation.


Bookkeeping Institute provides real time support to our students who enjoy taking up the challenge of studying.  We have designed a course that is user friendly for beginners and for those with life time experiences.  

Student, Elizabeth commented:  "I commend Debra Lewis for the brilliant service the Bookkeeping Institute of Australia provides and thank you for this window of opportunity in my life. I  continje to remain in contact and would love to be able to meet you all in person someday"

*For more details contact us on 1300 727844.

DEBRA LEWIS - CEO of Bookeeping Institute Australia and author of the book"Start your own Bookkeeping Business" 

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