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Replacement certificate

A replacement testamur is a replacement for a testamur/certificate issued by Bookkeeping Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (BIA), Registered Training Organisation # 32559.

  1. A replacement testamur/certificate will be produced using the pro-forma current at the time of issue of any replacement, and incorporate the current relevant signatories.
  2. The replacement certificate will have the words ‘copy’ watermarked on the certificate if it is being replaced due it being lost. All replacement certificates are in PDF format and emailed.  If a hard copy is required, then the postage fee is required to be paid.
  3. A statutory declaration is required if the certificate is lost or damaged and can be sent by email to  [email protected]
  4. If the certificate is damaged then you will need to return the damaged certificate in order to obtain a replacement certificate. 
  5. Change of name:  If you have changed your name and wish to reflect this on your testamur you should return your previous testamur together with proof of your change of name and the application form. Accepted forms of proof include certified copies of birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, passport or change of name decree.  
  6. The date printed on an endorsed replacement testamur will be the date of the printing of the replacement certificate/testamur.
  1. A replacement testamur/certificate will be issued free of charge where the original was damaged or defective as issued and is returned to BIA within 6 weeks from the distribution date and subject to BIA’s investigation.
  1. A replacement testamur/certificate will be issued free of charge where the original was lost in transmission and a statutory declaration is provided.
  1. A fee of $75 (GST inc) applies for a Replacement Testamur/certificate.  When this application is received, together with a statutory declaration an invoice will be issued and payment is received the  Replacement testamur/certificate will be sent by email.  The replacement testamur/certificate is encrypted and cannot be altered.