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Enrolment for RPL

The process used to assess RPL may take the following forms which are not mutually exclusive

  • Participation in exactly the same or modified versions of the assessment unit (i.e. recognition of a current competency;
  • Assessment based on a portfolio of evidence;
  • Direct observation of demonstration of skill or competency;
  • Reflective papers, journals or portfolios that relate past learning to the learning or competency outcomes of the current course or qualification;
  • Provision of examples of your work drawn from the workplace, social, community or other setting which you apply yuour learning, skill or competence;
  • Testimonials (third party reports) of learning, skill or competency and cominations of any fo the above. one or two paragraphs describing your product or services. 
  • Ensure that you provide certified copies of all qualifications and certificates.
  • Think about who can confirm your skill level.  Think about current or recent supervisors who have seen your work in the past 18 months and will be able to confirm your skills.  Your assessor will need to contact them.  You may also have community contacts or even clients themselves who can vouch for your skill level.
  • If appropriate and possible the assessor may conduct a practical skills test at your workplace or at another suitable venue.  This, again, is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of competence.  This assessment will be focussed on skills that are required in the qualification.  
  • RPL students are required to undertake 3 full units of competency, BAS/IAS, Payroll and OHS and the balance of the qualification is to provide evidence in support of RPL.  When we find gaps in evidence, the student undertakes a challenge task assessment.