Xero: Learn Xero in a Day

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Learn Xero in a Day

Terminology used in bookkeeping and accounting software

How to correctly set up a new set up books using Xero
Options for setting up logins How to generate sales and process customer payments
How to enter your suppliers bills effectively track and pay them How to record spending and receiving monies
How to work with effective banking options to speed up your work How to use Expense claims
How to set up and use categories for further reporting How to use Tax Codes and manage your GST reporting, and
produce a range of reports to help manage your organisation

Basic accounting skills are not taught on this course but are included on our

 Introduction to Bookkeeping & Accounting course.

Xero provide a trial period of 30 days – Xero will advise when your trial period is nearly up.  The trial includes all features of the large pricing plans, with limits on the number of transactions.  Once your trial period has ended you will not be able to access the Trial organisation. 

Xero recommend for training and learning that you access and make use of the ‘Demo company’ that is provided with the trial.  Even though the trial will expire, the ‘Demo Company’ will not and therefore will provide you with access even after the 30 days.

Bookkeeping Institute of Australia will provide limited email and telephone support upon purchase of this product.   Once you feel that you have mastered the concepts, we will provide you with a CPE upon request.

CPE:  8 hours.