Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business E-Book

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There is huge demand for bookkeepers who understand the specific needs of small business because most small business owners do not understand nor have the time to monitor their key financials.  This is a great time for new graduates as well as experienced bookkeepers to build a business from the skills they have acquired.

We at the Bookkeeping Institute of Australia think the bookkeeping industry needs a bit of a shakeup. We don’t like seeing passionate, committed professional bookkeepers and aspiring students, struggling to make a decent living, and feeling overwhelmed and undervalued.

Anyone who is considering establishing a bookkeeping business in Australia and stakeholders in the profession including:

    - Students
    - People considering changing their career
    - Entrepreneurs starting their own business
    - People seeking part-time business income
    - Suppliers to the industry interested in marketing to the SMB sector

We help people like you every day and we’d like to help you.  This is an important book for all professionals in the bookkeeping industry.  It fills a gap that has until now been neglected!