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This online course introduces learners to the the world of 'bookkeeping' and is excellent for those with little or no accounting experience. It introduces the practice of basic accounting and bookkeeping.   Gives learner's an opportunity to understand the bookkeeping world without any assessments or exams.


Not sure about completing a bookkeeping course - try:  Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting

This course has been designed to introduce the theory and practice of basic accounting and bookkeeping. The course introduces participants to the various source documents and journals required to establish a computerised set of accounts for a small to medium sized business. This course is excellent for people with little or no accounting experience.

Students receive the following:  

  • MYOB introduction to Bookkeeping [Basic] E-Manual with Student Edition MYOB
  • Study Guide # 1 
  • Study Guide # 2 [workbook]
  • Powerpoints
  • Optional "Australian Master Bookkeepers Guide" textbook [$125 plus GST]
  • Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business Textbook included

This course covers the basic concepts of bookkeeping which we consider are necessary when using MYOB accounting.  These bookkeeping basics are then applied to MYOB.  

At the completion of this course participants will have an understanding of:

  • Business Basics
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Basics of Bookkeeping
  • Account Group Rules
  • Analysing transactions
  • Accounts and Bank Statements
  • Reconciling the Bank Account
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Applying Bookkeeping Basics to MYOB Accounting

The workbook covers the basic concepts of bookkeeping which Bookkeeping Institute of Australia considers necessary when using MYOB accounting. These bookkeeping basics are then applied to MYOB. The workbook incorporates the following:

  • Identify different business structures
  • Identify a venture is a business or hobby
  • Understand the responsibility of bookkeepers
  • Identify the two parts of any transaction
  • Identify the assets, liabilities, income and expenses of the business
  • Understand the concept of proprietorship
  • Enter transactions in a General Ledger
  • Prepare an income statement and Balance sheet
  • Apply the Account Group rules and decide in any given transaction which is debited and which account is credited
  • Prepare a trial balance
  • Enter transactions in a "T" account
  • Prepare a bank reconciliation
  • Understand Goods and Services Tax codes
  • Relate the above principles to MYOB Accounting

The Bookkeeping Institute of Australia will issue a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of this course.

 How does online work?

It is quite simple really. After you have enroled with Bookkeeping Institute of Australia and accepted our letter of offer we will provide access to the study and accounting guides that you will need, together with the MYOB Student Edition DVD and course work.

Then you open up your first lecture in PowerPoint. This lecture will point you to which chapters in which book you should study and when. 

If you need help you call our dedicated 1300 student support line or email Bookkeeping Institute of Australia for support. 



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