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Payment Terms:

Payment may be made by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), PAYPAL or EFT to Bookkeeping Institute of Australia Pty Ltd  prior to the commencement date of the course.  Instalment payments are arranged through Ezypay an organisation that meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. These are standards that were developed by major credit card companies to safeguard customer card information.


If you make a booking more than 10 days in advance but do not secure it with a credit card, you can either pay the full amount  to secure the booking or, if you do not wish to pay for the whole course at that time, you may secure the booking with refundable deposit. This option only applies to bookings made more than 10 days in advance.  If a student decided that they wish to cancel a Nationally Recognised Training course after payment of the deposit an administration fee of $150 will be deducted from the deposit.


Training Methods:

There is an old Chinese Proverb that reads "Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand." For our trainer led courses we tell, show and involve our clients. However for our computer software courses (MYOB) we use first rate self-paced course manuals which enable our students work through a series of "hands on - real world" exercises.

Course Guarantee:

Once payment has been received and accepted we guarantee that we will not cancel a computer learning self-paced course as a result of you being the only participant.  If there are insufficient numbers for a Nationally Recognised  Training course we reserve the right to ask students to change days or take the course online.

Course Cancellation:

If we do however have to cancel a course due to circumstances beyond our control we will refund 100% of your course fee to you.

If you cancel a self paced course: Because we schedule all of our courses to run as soon as we receive the first booking there is a cost involved and should you cancel your attendance of a course at short notice, to which you may be the only participant, we are unlikely to be able to schedule an alternative course and we will advise to take the course as distance learning.

Postpone Course:

We know that things happen and provided we have other participants booked on your course we are happy to give you a raincheck for a later date (up to a maximum period of 6 months) if you notify us within 2 working days of the start of the course, or if the circumstances involve personal injury or illness to either yourself or a near relative.  A change in your work circumstances does not qualify for a raincheck.


  1. If a student requests a postponement of their online course to a later date within 5 working days of acknowledging acceptance of the letter of offer, it may be granted whenever possible - but it is at the discretion of the CEO. 
  2. If the student decides that they wish to cancel the course after paying for the course and enrolling, without access to any online course material, an administration fee of $375 [ GST ex] will be deducted from their enrolment fee for Nationally Recognised Training courses.  CPD courses an administration fee of $105 will be incurred (GST ex).
  3. If a student is taking an online course and decides that he/she does not wish to proceed with the course after access to all the course material has been provided, BIA will charge the student a 50% cancellation and administration fee. This means that BIA will refund the student 50% of the fees paid.   
  4. If a student fails to notify BIA of the Cancellation Request within 7 calendar days of the Agreement Date, the student will be liable to pay the Course fee to BIA in full.
  5. The course is not transferable.

RIGHT OF MODIFICATION:  We reserve the right to change or modify our policies and procedures at our sole discretion at any time. Any change or modification will be effective immediately upon posting by us. 

BIA disclaims all responsibility and liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs (including consequential loss) you might incur as a result of information on the LMS and/or student portal sites being inaccurate, inadequate, incomplete, not available for access or infected by computer virus or other contamination, or deficient in any way and for any reason.

Despite our best efforts, the BIA makes no warranties that the information on this website is free of infection by computer viruses or other contamination. Users are responsible for protecting their own computer systems from infection or contamination.

BIA provides links to third-party websites for the interest and convenience of users. The content found by using these links is not created, controlled or approved by BIA and no responsibility is taken for the consequences of viewing or using such content.

Instalment payment plans are managed through EzyPay, an organisation which meets the Payment Card Industry data Security Standards.  These standards were developed by major credit card companies to safeguard customer card information and is fully ASIC compliant.  Students have the option of either using credit card or direct debit instalment options.  The BIA fee for using the instalment payment is advised in the payment options and will be added to the course fee.  Ezypay charge fees for their service.  We may change the authority, and students will be advised.
Course material will not be available until students have registered with the payment authority and that we have been notified accordingly of registration. Administration fee/s per instalment are added to the students' payment instalments.
Students are directed to activate their authorisation electronically by choosing the online DDR Authority as advised by Bookkeeping Institute of Australia. 
Student handbook is provided with the letter of offer with full information provided before signing up with payment plans.
Instalment payments are due fortnightly(or by other arrangements).   If the due date falls on a weekend, then the payment will be processed the next working day.  In the event that any instalment payment is declined an administration fee of $25 plus GST will be added to the students’ account.  We can discuss alternative payment instalments.
If the student is paying the course fee by instalments, the student must pay all such instalments on or before the due date as a late fee of $25 (plus GST)  is added to the missed instalment payment if not paid by the due date.  Collection costs may apply.
Irrespective of the student’s progress through the course, if the student fails to pay any instalment by the due date, the total outstanding balance of the course fee will become immediately due and payable and the student will also be required to pay additional administrative and third party collection costs.  Statements of account balances are not issued unless requested by a student.  We make every effort to contact students regarding missed instalment payments, by SMS, email and telephone, but if there is no response, then collection proceedings may commence forthwith and students will be responsible for third party collection costs.
By accepting the terms and conditions contained in the BIA Enrolment procedure, the student makes a binding agreement with the Bookkeeping Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (BIA), ACN 098 593 554, which will be governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia and the student agrees to pay the Course Fee [including GST if applicable] for the Course selected.  Upon receipt of the Course Fee, BIA agrees to:

1.     supply to the student all materials listed by BIA for the Course ("Course Materials");

2.     mark the students' assignments;

3.     answer queries about the Course

The Course Fee does not cover postage to BIA, nor any materials that are not listed as Course Materials for the Course. The course fee does not cover postage to overseas countries [outside Australia].  Textbooks are not included in the course fee.  BIA will advise the student about the cost of overseas postage based on student requirements.   BIA notes that, depending on the particular course, the student may need to provide their equipment in addition to the Course Materials at their cost.  Subject to the successful completion of all assignments and the Course Fee paid in full, BIA will issue the student with the appropriate certification for the course.  

BIA reserves the right to withhold access to Course Materials, marking of assessments and any certification of the students' results if the student fails to pay any part of the Course Fee, including resubmission fees and extension fees, as and when it becomes payable. If the student is paying the course fee by instalments, the student must pay all such instalments on or before the due date as late fees and collection costs may apply.

The Course Materials which BIA provides to the student shall become the students’ property on payment of the full course fee. However, the Course Materials content, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of BIA or a nominated third party. The student may not reproduce any part of the Course Materials, in any form, without the prior written consent of BIA.

The enrolment durations are provided under “Introduction”, herein.  If the student does not complete the Course within the given timeframe, the Course will be immediately cancelled without refund.  If the student wishes to continue with the Course after the expiry date, an additional fee of $400 will be charged and an extension of three (3) months will be granted or monthly by fee arrangement.    Extensions are subject to availability of assessors and BIA retains the right to refuse an extension at its absolute discretion. Students must consider the marking time turnaround of approximately 10 working days when extensions are provided.

If the Course requires the student to partake in any external examinations, the student is responsible for establishing the students own eligibility and making arrangements to attend and pay for the examination.

The student understands that the BIA will use the information in the enrolment form to deliver training courses to the student and meet State and Commonwealth legislative requirements.  Please refer to the BIA Privacy Policy detailed in this handbook.

The student understands that if they wish to take advantage of a chosen payment plan, the student MUST register with the payment provider to enable the instalment payments to take place, either through credit card instalments or by EFT and the student is responsible for the transaction fees incurred by the payment provider.   

 If the student does not wish to pay by credit card, the student will need to make an EFT payment for the full amount of the course either before access to the course commences or discuss alternative options with an authorised BIA Representative.

It is essential that once enrolled students submit the required DDR information to the payment provider so that the instalment payments are up to date.  If students are late supplying their financial details, two payments may be taken out in the second month due to the first instalment being missed.  Late fees may apply.

As part of enrolment in the course, students qualify 12 months student members of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).  Students are advised that ICB may communicate with the students either electronically or by mail to provide information on their services.  

Right of Modification

We reserve the right to change or modify our policies and procedures at our sole discretion at any time. Any change or modification will be effective immediately upon posting by us.  

Cancellation by student

If you decide that you do not wish to proceed with a Nationally Recognised Training course after receiving and accessing all of the course material we will charge a 30% cancellation fee.  That means that we will refund to 70% of your course fee within 14 days of access by you. 
Students who decide to withdraw/expire from the course (or if we have sent advice to withdraw after no response) have 7 days from the date of withdrawal or expiry to apply for re-enrolment.  This is on the condition that no Certificates or Statements of Attainment have been issued.  The re-enrolment fee is $475.00 (Plus GST).  If the student’s certificates/statement of attainment have been issued, then a new enrolment procedure is required and the student will obtain credit transfers towards their qualification package. 


Shipping on software and books:

Subject to stock levels you should receive any ordered software or hardware products or books within 10 working days of payment confirmation. If we cannot meet this timeframe we will contact you to discuss your options.

If you cancel a product order:

Because there is a cost involved in preparing your order, should you decide to cancel an order we will charge a 10% cancellation fee.

Return of faulty products:

Should you receive a faulty product from us  please contact us by e-mail or phone immediately (i.e. within 7 days of receipt) and we will arrange for the item to be replaced with all possible haste. A faulty product is not considered to be grounds for a refund - only a replacement.

Return of software and hardware products: 

We regret that we are unable to accept the return of any software (not including that provided with our training courses) or hardware product for refund under any circumstances.

Right of Modification: 

We reserve the right to change or modify our policies and procedures and terms and conditions at our sole discretion and to cancel a tutorial course with insufficient numbers.