Types of Bookkeepers

There are two types of Bookkeepers, contract Bookkeepers (usually BAS Agents), those who work from home, employed Bookkeepers and those who do all three.  If you are able to work independently as well as in a team that's a great skill! 

Technical and Professional skills to become a Bookkeeper and BAS Agent

A minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Bookkeeping or Accounting.  If you're new to the game, then our dual certificate course is the best for you as it provides you with the basics from the ground up to BAS/Payroll.  If you already have a degree but have not undertaken BAS/GST course, then  you need to complete our FNSSS0004 BAS Agent skill set.

What about work experience - can I get credit for prior experience or study?  

We look at what you've been doing in the workforce over the last 3-4 years.  We assess your relevant skills, experience and go from there.  It's not complicated.

What type of skills are required - am I too old?

In this profession you are never too old - Businesses are crying out for people they can trust, look after their finances, talk to them and be available, meet deadlines and have organisational and communication skills and an aptitude of working with figures.   Our qualifications will give you full time, part time, self-employed work.  It will give you results fast - getting that job!
Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business - now!

Read the  Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business book, get the low down, read what others have done before you and be in charge of your future!